Cheap Brands - Why Cheap Brands Costs So Much?

Why Cheap Brands Costs So Much?

Why Cheap Fast Fashion Brands Costs So Much?

Do you know how these cheap fast-fashion brands manufacture the latest styled clothes at such a low price? If you do not know, you must read the whole article. Everyone knows that fashion is growing, and people spend thousands of dollars on clothing. According to statistics, people throw 2 billion tons of clothes every year, and most of the garments are dumped in landfills, which is ruining our environment.

These cheap brands are exploiting our natural resources, as well as human resources. The numbers are rising due to the introduction of e-commerce websites. However, the government has started taking some strict actions against these cheap brands. Here are some other reasons why you should reduce buying clothes from these fast fashion brands.

Why Cheap Brands Costs So Much?
Why Cheap Brands Costs So Much?

Disaster Caused By Cheap Brand’s Factory

In April 2013, we saw one of the most dangerous disasters in any textile industry. This day in Bangladesh, an eight-story building known as Rana Plaza collapsed, which led to the death of around 1,100 people. This disaster seek the attention of the government, and they took specific steps, but still, there is no change. According to research, workers work in poor conditions with poor infrastructure and low-cost machinery.

Asian countries produce a lot of clothing for western brands. Hence, the waste produced by rewashing and dying of jeans is dumped into oceans and rivers, which makes the water toxic. Moreover, this industry demands cotton, and cotton needs a vast amount of water to grow, which is affecting the groundwater. Farmers use various fertilizers, chemicals to produce cotton, which is degrading their soil.

The Solution To This Problem

We have a lot of other options other than cheap or fast fashion brands, but we have to become smart in terms of shopping. First of all, we should buy according to our needs, not according to our will. In earlier times, people used to buy clothes for different occasions, but now people have more clothes than various events. We can use our clothes for a longer time; if we wash them less, you can repair your clothes or buttons with sewing machines instead of filling your closet and landfills with more outfits. Moreover, you can try to mix different clothes and make new styles.

Why Cheap Brands Costs So Much?
Why Cheap Brands Costs So Much?

Avoiding Cheap Brands

While going on shopping, make a list of things you need. Therefore, you will end up saving money and buying the necessary clothes. However, thrift shopping takes time, but it is better to wear quality clothes than quantity clothes. Nowadays, you will see there are a lot of brands that are coming up with ideas of eco-friendly garments. These companies make sustainable clothes that people can recycle and re-use. They sell goods that are pre-ordered so that they do not produce additional products.

The best way to re-use clothes is to donate them. If you see someone on roads or footpath in need of something, give him your waste clothes. You can even donate your clothes to various welfare organizations. At last, take some steps, do not let these rich companies conquer our environment and economy.

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