The Best Mens Clothing Stores Near Me

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To ensure you’re always dressed to the nines, there are some specific things you need to consider when buying clothes. That means looking at factors like fit, color selection, price points, and overall brand selection. What works for one guy might not work for another, but that’s what makes menswear shopping so much fun, especially because we’ve rounded up the top clothing stores in your area. So whether you’re in New York City or Boston, we’ve got you covered:

The Best New York City Men’s Clothing Stores:


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This apparel company is taking the world by storm with its fast-but-quality custom suits. Forget about Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption, and picture some dapper gents sporting these perfectly fitted suits. That’s what you can look forward to with Indochino, where you can choose from the company’s unique collection of fabric options, styles, and features.

A Ma Maniere  

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Looking for new kicks? Atlanta’s got your back, especially if that means checking out A Ma Maniere first. This retailer has it all when it comes to footwear selections on both the impressive selection across the board, while also keeping prices reasonable, casual, and high-end sides of things. 

Bows and Arrows

This unique clothing store is all about the laid-back fashion scene in L.A.; its collection of pieces makes it easy to mix and match your favorite casual wear with classy apparel for an overall balanced approach to dressing. Because outfits are king when you’re sporting Bows and Arrows’ top picks, go ahead and get creative with accessories like hats, sneakers, sunglasses, bags, watches, jewelry, scarves, socks, ties, bowties, pocket squares, or even a fanny pack. The possibilities are endless.

Scotch & Soda

As far as quality menswear goes, Amsterdam has got you covered once again. This retailer is basically heaven when it comes to high-end fashion that’s ideal for the working man. Whether you’re looking for staples like leather jackets or more casual wear like graphic tees, Scotch & Soda has everything you need to round out your wardrobe, so be sure to check it out the next time you’re near a computer.


Washington D.C.’s own Herringbone is pretty much an all-in-one shopping experience that offers the best in top-notch apparel and accessories. The store’s premium clothing offerings are ideal for business wear, but if you feel like spoiling yourself with something extra special, go ahead and indulge; this retailer has plenty of high-end gear (like blazers, suits, sport coats, dress shirts) for those who like to look their best.


This department store is truly one-of-a-kind, with its amazing selections of pieces that range from the latest fashion trends to tried and true classics (and everything in between). Whether you’re looking for workout gear like shorts or are seeking out something more formal like a three piece suit, Bloomingdale’s has it all because it carries brands like Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Dockers, Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike, Adidas, North Face, Hanes, Jockey International, Lacoste, Puma AG, The Art of Shaving, Tommy Hilfiger Corporation, TOMS Shoes.  


As you can see, New York City has plenty of shopping to offer that’s bound to satisfy any guy’s wardrobe needs. With this in mind, the only thing left for you to do now is hit the streets and start hunting down those items! Good luck out there.

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