Pakistani Fashion Designers Explode the Market

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Pakistani fashion designers are crafting traditional as well as modern looks into their creations. The demand for modern designs has increased in different fashion planning areas and has grown tremendously in the last few years. A mix of traditional and contemporary looks is an ongoing theme for young and rising talents. Many designers have the unique technique of making intricate textures using unmatched and amazing contours, eye-catching styles, and intricate Western or Eastern motifs. The use of embroidery and meshwork on fabrics creates an impressive look that is not possible to reproduce even in other countries. This has led to a constant rage in demand for skilled handloom weavers from Pakistan and around the world.

Pakistani Fashion Designers

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There has been a tremendous revolution in the design concepts followed by designers in the country. The new clothes and patterns have made the people extremely happy, as they have finally started wearing clothes of their choice. According to a survey conducted by the ISF, Pakistani women have expressed satisfaction in the clothing industry, as more designs are becoming available regularly.

The popularity of designer wear has increased among common people too. Earlier only elite class people used to wear designer clothes but now even common people are willing to shell out money for good quality Mughal and western clothes. Mughal clothing has always been popular among people from different parts of the country. Some of the renowned designers who are making huge inroads into the local market are Saleh Bhati, Sardar Azeez, Sharad Chaudhary, Akbar Choudhury, Muhammad Karam Choudhury, Shahid Aslam Beg, Sudhanshu Sutar, etc.

Pakistani Designs

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The common man can now afford to dress like celebrities. Many renowned designers have shifted their base to this part of the world. The popularity of Pakistani clothes has also led to the rise of several designers. With the surge in demand, the number of manufacturers has also increased, which is an indication of the rising popularity of designer clothing brands. It is interesting to note that while most of the famous designers have shifted base to these parts of the world, some famous names from Pakistan have kept their heads high and have launched their clothing lines in European and American markets.

Most of the renowned designers mentioned above have a web portal through which their designs can be bought from the website. The designs are designed by skilled and experienced designers, who work with great care and perfection. However, most of the famous designers have their web portals from where customers can purchase clothes online. These websites not only help customers in purchasing their favorite items but also provide them with the opportunity to learn more about the fashion industry and design creations from the designers.

Popular Pakistani Design Collections

While shopping for their items from these websites, customers get to view the creations from different designers, who create a variety of ethnic wear and accessories to suit every occasion and mood. There are many designer brands that have started creating their collections from scratch in the country. Some of these include nomi ansari suits, kurkure attires, kurkure sarees, kurkure salwar kameez, kurkure lehenga cholis, burqini, tabriz suits, etc.

One such popular brand is Maria B. Apart from being a prominent designer, Maria B designs traditional clothing as well as bridal collections for western and traditional bridegrooms. Apart from the ready-made collections, the brand makes customized and personalized collections for its customers. The custom-made collections from Maria B are perfect for those individuals who want to wear ethnic attires with a modern touch. For example, a man wearing a t-shirt and leather jacket will look great when teamed up with a beautiful saree and choli, while a young man wearing an embroidered white salwar will look stylish when teamed with an ethnic blouse and trousers.


The designers at Zainab Pakistan are famous all over the world for creating stunning ethnic wear that looks wonderful both for men and women. A man wearing a rich blue lehenga layered over a matching blue and red salwar will look very trendy in any situation. Similarly, a couple walking on the beach could sport matching accessories such as hijabs, beach towels, and sunglasses, all made from the same fabric. With each item having a distinct style and grace, Zainab Pakistan designs are a must-have for any woman as well as a man.

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