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It is very complicated how to dress up better. There’s no magic behind it. It’s a combination of basic principles + knowledge of what looks good on you. It also takes time and some experimentation. This guide is intended for the guy who has never tailored his style or took the time to look at different styles and put them together in a cohesive manner.

If you’re a seasoned veteran of fashion, this post may not be for you except to give advice on how I did it wrong early on.

Try a new hair style

A man wearing a hat

There are many appropriate styles to try. Be it a beard, mustache, or any other hair that you don’t usually sport in spring and summer months. Facial hair is not just for men though. Know that if you do decide to grow out your leg, lip, arm etc… hair, you will need time to perfect the look before embarking on what’s sure to be an interesting journey through winter with your new found furry friend. Add some product to keep everything in check after showering. This will make sure you can look effortlessly stylish at all times without too much fuss.

Dress up – Wear a suit

A man wearing a suit and tie

If it’s been ages since your last suit fitting, now is the time to do it. A new suit can really complete your look for this fall season. Don’t be afraid of color either! Subtle colors are great for this season, with dark green being a popular choice. If you’re not one to wear suits often, consider starting slowly by wearing one just once a week first and then taking it from there. Once you get used to it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

Add some glimmer

Glitter has been around in many forms throughout past decades , but in 2017 fellas – glitter is back in a big way ! It’s easy to add this trend into an outfit without going overboard or coming off as tacky or gaudy . Try teaming a pair of plain black or dark jeans, with a collared shirt and glitzy tie. If you really want to make it work for your look, add some sparkle on your lapel and/or pocket square . It’s also a great idea if you’re attending any formal events this fall!

Ditch the socks & invest in some quality footwear

In terms of footwear – quality over quantity is always key ! Men often have lots of shoes but sometimes there can be too many that just take up space after being worn only a few times. This year, ditch those pairs that won’t get as much use as you’d hope and spend the money on something you’ll love instead! High tops are especially popular this season, although loafers are also very much beloved. If high tops aren’t really your thing, stick with what you know and go for the choice that is most comfortable for you.

Get a haircut

This may seem like a notably small change, but even a simple haircut can make a big difference to your look. Take the time to visit your usual barber and get some shape put into that beard of yours! A few extra pounds can also be hidden behind a bushy beard if you’re trying to hide some excess weight.

Get some new pants

In terms of physique, adding something like new slim fit jeans or chinos is a great way to add some spice to your outfit without looking too “try hard.” If this isn’t possible right now financially, consider investing in anything from pleated trousers – which are very on trend at the moment – to denims.

Update your watch collection

There are many amazing watches available for men right now, but if you’re on a budget consider opting for something simple or less expensive . This will mean having to buy another timepiece when you have the extra cash, but it’s better than being stuck with something that doesn’t really work with what you already have in your wardrobe! Be sure to think about the styles of watches that go with different outfits too. A nice dress watch can be worn with almost anything, while casual sportier ones are good for wearing every day.

Avoid flip flops

Yes, they’re very comfortable – but most people really can’t pull them off. Even if you think you look good in them, bare feet are usually more acceptable during the summer months than throughout autumn and winter. If it’s not exactly what you want to hear, bear in mind that this is coming from an outsider’s perspective. Flip flops are great if you’re planning on staying in your own home all day, but the moment you leave the house, they’re probably not the best choice.

Get a new pair of shades

Sunglasses are another thing that many men have lots of, but it’s always nice to have some more . Just like shoes, the key here is to buy something that you love and will get some use out of. Even if it’s a pair of expensive designer glasses , you’ll still have lots of ways to wear them throughout autumn – so they’re a great investment.

Go for a more formal look

In the past couple of seasons, things have been going very casual . If you’re not a fan of dressing down, this is your chance to get back to basics and embrace the formal side of menswear. It’s also worth noting that many fashionistas are calling for a return of “slim fit” , meaning slim ties and blazers over T-shirts and jeans. But go with whatever you’re comfortable with.

Don’t be afraid of color

If your wardrobe is too casual, you might wish to look into some brighter colors that will really help to liven things up. Colors can range from traditional autumn hues like mustard, orange and brown to more unusual shades such as bordeaux and tomato red . Don’t forget about burgundy either! Embarking on a new wardrobe this autumn doesn’t have to be expensive if you already have some essentials that can form the basis of your look.


Now’s the time to get yourself ready for autumn and winter, guys! If you follow these key tips you’ll be well on your way to looking like a modern gentleman in no time. Just remember; quality over quantity, invest in some staple pieces that you will wear all the time, ditching socks when it gets colder is not chic, stop spending money on beard products & update your watch collection.

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