A Combination Of Simplicity And Fashion That Creates A Chic Unique Eye-Catching Design! Check This!

Fashion-conscious people out there! Add charm to your everyday outfits with this chic bracelet cum anklet. This ethnic-style accessory made from Tibetan rope will lift the look of your fashion outfits effortlessly. Apart from a fashion accessory, this bracelet serves as a symbol of good luck. It wards off negative energy and brings positivity to the wearer’s life. 

Unisex Handmade Woven Cord Bangle/Bracelet/Anklet

Several religious people wear Tibetan bracelets that are believed to bring good luck. If you are one of those people, you can’t miss this hand-woven piece. This incredible Tibetan bracelet cum anklet will offer good luck and protection from the ‘evil eye’ while elevating the look of your outfit.

This bracelet features a two-stranded rope chain with a mini Buddha metal figurine. The rope is made from high-quality cotton while the figurine features fine metal construction. This bracelet is adjustable as it has a toggle-clasp that can be adjusted to the desired length for a secure and comfy fit. The length of the bracelet ranges from 18 – 30 cm.

Generally worn as a charm, this elegant bracelet is believed to bring good luck to the wearer and protect him/her from negative energies. The bracelet is 100% handmade and its knots are solid and won’t come off. It comes in multicolor and the colors, as well as the design, are attractive to the core. Whether you wear it as a fashion bracelet or as a lucky charm, it won’t disappoint you. The best part- this accessory is also perfect as an anklet for those who love fashion!

The string bracelet is all – men, women, girls, boys, and kids. It is great to gift as a friendship bracelet or for Valentines’ Day, Christmas, etc.


Material: Cotton, metal

Style: Ethnic style

Length: 18 – 30 cm

Clasp Type: Toggle-clasps

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Pros Of Woven Cord Bangle/Bracelet/Anklet

  • Gives good luck and offers protection.
  • Handmade and adjustable.
  • Ideal for children, men, and women.
  • Great as a lucky charm as well as a fashion accessory.
  • Toggle-clasp for hassle-free wearing.

Cons Of Woven Cord Bangle/Bracelet/Anklet

  • This Tibetan bracelet may lose its color over time.
  • People who prefer a stone bracelet may not like it.


This Tibetan bracelet featuring a two-stranded rope chain and a small metal Buddha figurine acts as a lucky charm for those who believe in faith. As this bracelet is believed to bring luck, it is great for anyone who wants his/her life back on track. The bracelet has a toggle clasp and is very easy to wear. Just slide the string and adjust the length according to your wrist size. The knots are strong and solid and won’t open up easily. This multi-color bracelet also works as a great fashion accessory and can perfectly complement your outfits. Overall, it is a perfect pick for those who believe in charms and energies. You can also gift the bracelet to any fashion-conscious person or your best friend as it acts as a great symbol of friendship too.

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